Beatriz Penedo Ruzo, daughter of Spanish immigrants, was born in Heidelberg in Germany on the 26th of March of 1974. At the age of five they moved back to their town of origin, Tebra, a little village in the region of Galicia. Passion led her to pursue her dream in a larger city, Madrid, where she got her first contact with photography.

Her move to London was a continuation of this love affair where she became particularly interested in capturing images of people but also developed a keen interest in fine art as well as photojournalism and taking pictures of her surroundings. A natural inclination to cooking led to a specialisation in modern cuisine. Photography ever present but this time intertwined to food, in the beginning, as a combination of colours, composition, and eye for detail.

Currently, Beatriz is expanding her knowledge in digital photography to be at the top and to continue doing what she does best whilst changing with the times and keeping up with the latest tricks of the trade. She continues to express herself through photographs which are the eyes through which she sees the world that she and we all live in.